MegTDJ (meg_tdj) wrote in iceskaters,

Need some help

(I apologize if this kind of post isn't allowed, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try!)

Hi, all! I'm an aspiring writer working on a potential series about a girl who is into competitive figure skating. The only problem is, I've never been involved in competitive figure skating myself, so I really don't know much about what goes on behind-the-scenes. I want to get the details right, so I have a lot of questions like how much time does the average figure skater spend training, how often do they compete, what advice do coaches generally give, that kind of thing. The story would be set in Canada, so a Canadian perspective would be ideal, but I'm not overly picky about that. I just need help!

Would anyone here be able to help me? Pretty please? I would of course credit you in the notes of my book/series if it ever gets published. Thanks a lot. :)
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