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I'm Ashley. I'm an adult skater competing at the gold level. I've been skating for a number of years. Glad I came across this community. I look forward to reading other posts and making contributions.
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Nice to meet you Ashley. I'm a Masters level adult skater, but I just got done competing at my state championships this morning at the gold level (they went and combined silver through masters since there aren't too many of us). I just became eligible for adult skating last year, and I love it. Everyone's so friendly and supportive at competitions.

Welcome to the community!
Hello Amber.

Thanks. How do you qualify to reach the masters level of adult skating? Nice to meet you.

It's basically the same way you qualify for gold skating: you have to test up to it.

Gold is the equivalent of juvenile moves and freestyle. To be eligible for masters freestyle, you have to have passed your Intermediate Moves and Freestyle (or higher up through Senior). I'm currently working on those cursed Novice moves so I can go ahead and take my novice freestyle test. Moves in the field and I don't get along very well!