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Just wanted to introduce myself, as I joined this community last night. :)
I am an adult skater and I am trying to get back into skating regularly again. At one time I had all of my single jumps, a lot of spins, was working on my axel, and was doing programs to music. I passed a lot of USFSA tests and was competing at Adult Bronze level when I participated in the Adult Nationals in 1998. I quit skating that fall to go back to school. I'm now working on my MA degree in Egyptology (hope to get the degree after exams in May..eeep!) so that's why I haven't had time to keep up my skating. Seeing the Olympics in February (and thereby becoming a great admirer of Sasha Cohen) made me realize how much I've missed it! I'm aiming to skate at least once a week, so I can start getting back my skills. I went last Wednesday and it was wonderful! There's nothing like gliding on ice to make you feel invigorated and alive!

I have a little webpage about my skating if you'd care to take a look. It's at

Looking forward to being in your community. :)
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