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Shut Up And Skate!

(aka skate or die)

The Ice Skaters' Community
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All Things Ice!

Welcome! This is a community for ice skaters of all sorts. Whether you're a recreational skater, a figure skater, a speed skater, or a hockey player.... if you like to skate on ice, this community is for you!

Talk about anything. Tips and tricks, competitions, experiences, training, injuries, places to skate, equipement, who you like to watch, what you like to do... heck I don't know, whatever you feel like! It should be (at least somewhat) related to ice skating though, okay?

Fans of ice skating are also welcome to read and post.

This community is maintained by renniekins. Please vist my journal if you have any questions or comments. Want to know about synchro? Speed skating? Messed up knees? Then I'm your girl.