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I want to start...

Hello everyone, I'm new to this community. My name is Gina and I am 16 years old. I love skating even though I really suck (lol I don't know how to stop!)
I was hoping that maybe someone could give me advice, if that's okay.
A whole long story, so those who are patient, please read ;)

Ever since The Winter Olympics Torino Games, I have fell in love with Speed Skating, and I've always joked with everyone that I will learn how to speed skate. So Tuesday I decide to go to an ice rink (it's pretty far from where I live) and I asked the manager about speed skating. She said that the coach stopped teaching, because there was not enough interest and he had to come from far away to teach but she asked for my number and I gave it (I didn't really expect any answer though)..
But today I get a call from the coach, (He sounds so intimidating!); he asked if I wanted to speed skate and I replied that I wanted to give it a try, then he said that I must be serious about it and I can't just give it up after 2 lessons.. He said it's 2 hours of really hard training every week and that I'll be in a lot of pain for the first 4 weeks (ie: my back and legs) and that I must take it seriously because he's not going to come all the way from Joburg (where he lives) to teach someone who's not serious about it. Hmmm...
He sounded really strict and now I'm a bit intimidated, I heard from another guy that you break bones in speed skating because you can fall really hard, and I'm convinced that it costs quite a bit of money to buy skates and a suit. I really really wanna try it but what if I don't enjoy it (and the coach said I couldn't cop out), <-- which also makes me wonder if he's a good coach because he should allow some freedom (it's not like I should be chained to some contract with joining which is how he made it sound).
Anyway, I said that I'd get back to him with my decision, and I'm in a really dilemna with deciding. Can anyone give me some facts on how the training is with speed skating and the cost of skates. And how would I (a beginner who can hardly skate!) do with Speed Skating?
Thanks in advance, to anyone who can help! It would be greatly appreciated.
Have a good day.
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