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Hello and Help

hello everyone! I am currently only past my Pre-Juv freeskate tests b/c of competing purposes. My axel is consistent as are all my other single jumps. My double loop is semi consistent but I always sit down on the landing as in strait back (help here). My double flip and toe are close, double sows are a no go :P they are absolutely horrible.... so bad my coachs fight over who has to do sows with me lol! Anyways Help with the following

Double Loop: As I said I sit straight back on the landing

Double Flip: Same as the loop- I think if I get the loop the flip will follow :)

Double Toe: I have the idea of all the foot changes and suche but when I draw through I don't lift enough.

ANYONe who can help will be my savior I need to have two of these consistent for Regionals in October :) thanks
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